[Dshield] udp port 39806?

Phil postmaster at moyen.org
Wed Nov 16 22:52:09 GMT 2005

Well, I can pretty much guarantee there's no Skype running here (home 

The report I posted was what was dropped by my firewall (Sonicwall SOHO 
TZW), so I don't have any captures to see what was in the packets. I'd 
have to pass them through and capture them; sounds like a project for 
this weekend.

Martin Forest wrote:
> To me it sounds like you may have a Skype user in the network.
> Do some packet sniffing inside the firewall on that port and you may be  
> able to trace the traffic back to the user.
> /Martin Forest
> On Wed, 16 Nov 2005 14:18:40 +1300, Pete Cap <peteoutside at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Phil <postmaster at moyen.org> wrote: In the past few days, I've started  
>>receiving a continuing barrage of
>>inbound UDP connection requests on port 39806:
>>Any idea what's driving this?
>>   ...philPhil,
>>Well, first off, the incoming IPs consistently use the same source  
>>ports.  Since sips are typically random within a given range I'm  
>>guessing there is some mechanistic process at work.
>>Furthermore if you notice the progression of intervals from one hit to  
>>the next, they go up in pretty even proportions...which suggests that  
>>the mechanistic phenomenon is being found on one box (e.g. the source  
>>IPs are all being spoofed).  See the CSV I have pasted at the bottom of  
>>this message.
>>Based on this I would suspect that the packets might contain an  
>>alternate data stream of some kind.  I have seen quite a few botnets  
>>that distribute orders in that manner...Can you post a few pcaps?  Maybe  
>>there is something in there that could tell us what those packets are  
>> 15:30:36.50,55836.5,n/a,n/a
>> 15:37:36.46,56256.46,419.97,n/a
>> 15:45:01.91,56701.91,865.42,2.06
>> 15:46:37.86,56797.86,961.37,2.29
>> 15:50:48.18,57048.18,1211.68,2.89
>> 15:52:43.83,57163.83,1327.34,3.16
>> 15:59:21.94,57561.94,1725.45,4.11
>> 16:03:01.88,57781.88,1945.38,4.63
>> 16:07:25.21,58045.21,2208.71,5.26
>> 16:10:38.46,58238.46,2401.97,5.72
>> 16:12:45.27,58365.27,2528.78,6.02
>> 16:20:52.22,58852.22,3015.73,7.18
>> 16:22:40.21,58960.21,3123.71,7.44
>> 16:30:39.61,59439.61,3603.11,8.58
>> 16:39:01.88,59941.88,4105.38,9.78
>> 16:40:31.85,60031.85,4195.35,9.99
>> 16:43:31.03,60211.03,4374.54,10.42
>> 16:50:52.75,60652.75,4816.26,11.47


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