[Dshield] Zombie Prevention : May I Sample Some Opinion?

Rob packethunter at comcast.net
Thu Nov 17 18:50:22 GMT 2005

David Cary Hart wrote:
> Over the past week or so, I have received an increasing number of
> contacts from "average" users regarding zombie prevention. Time for some
> content on our site.
> Some things like up-to-date patching, firewall and a virus scanner with
> CURRENT definitions seem obvious. I'd like to sample some opinion on the
> following and solicit any other ideas that you may have:
>         Even a single home computer might benefit from a reasonably
>         priced home router which enables you to create a simple hardware
>         firewall.
>         Get rid of Internet Explorer. Alternatives such as Firefox or
>         Mozilla are safer.
>         Use strong passwords; at least eight characters including a
>         combination of letters and numbers.
>         Do NOT experiment with running servers of any kind on Windows
>         workstations.
> What's the thinking du jour on p2p, IM, IRC and BitTorrent? Help me out
> here, folks, without creating a thesis, what are some of the basics that
> I am overlooking?
You can always disable Windows file & print sharing on systems that 
don't require them.


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