[Dshield] Sony In Violation Of LGPL?

lucy@lucindrea.com lucy at lucindrea.com
Thu Nov 17 20:48:34 GMT 2005

>> Sony's attention and Sony said "Go ahead anyway" then Sony are at fault
>> and F4I while not being completely blameless aren't directly
>> responsible.
>> On the other hand, if Sony knew nothing about it then F4I are at fault.
> I'm sure this is one where the laws will vary from country to country.  In
> the US, technically, Sony as well as First4Internet would be at fault if
> there is a copyright violation because Sony has distributed it.  More
> importantly, if the big corporation is not held accountable for their
> violation, then all any big corp needs to do when it wants to steal code
> is find a small arms length entity and launder all their stealing through
> it.  If they get caught, the small entity goes under and the big corp
> moves on to the next small code shop.

you say that as if it doesnt happen , it's what big corporations legal
deptartments call "protecting the brand name" and it's SOP

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