[Dshield] Newbie Reading Material Request

David Taylor ltr at isc.upenn.edu
Fri Nov 18 19:22:03 GMT 2005

I see other list members are giving you some good advice and resources.

A lot of the websites others have posted likely have RSS feeds.  Get you a
good RSS reader (I use RSSBandit on Windows) and add the feeds.  Makes it
much easier to get information from these sites in one location.

To the list of URLs I would add http://www.metasploit.com which will help
you keep up with some of the current threats. 

Another good way to learn would be to find some good security chat channels
on IRC and just hang out. We have a chat channel on irc.freenode.net called
#dshielders.  You are welcome to drop by anytime. 

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I'm relatively new to the Network Security field and I was wondering if
anyone had any websites where I could learn more about keeping my
building secure, learn about current hacker tactics, botnets, spyware,
and other security concerns, as well as what I need to look for when
checking our logfiles. 
I understand hardware, basic configuration, and am well-versed in the
removal of spyware and viruses, but I'm looking to expand and get a bit
more technical. 
Any help is greatly appreciated. 
Sean Smith
SSmith at kwqc.com
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