[Dshield] Security Project

Mephisto tehmephisto at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 01:20:28 GMT 2005

Hello all

My name is Daniel, I am a junior in High School at a HS in North 
Carolina.  During our senior year, we have to write a report and do a 
project to graduate (grad project).  My project is going to be on how 
the lack of computer security knowledge in the general public has 
affected current business practices involving the internet.

Sence many of you work on the business end, I was hoping you could 
provide me with some insight on how your companies polices and practices 
have been affected by your client base. I may also have some other 
questions as I progress with the project. I realize that this might lead 
into some privacy concerns, therefor I invite you to email me privatly 
at the address i'm posting with if you wish too.

I also am hoping you could give me some books or websites I could use as 
references so I can write my paper.

I appreciate your help with my project.


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