[Dshield] Security Project

George Capehart capegeo at opengroup.org
Tue Nov 22 03:40:34 GMT 2005

Mephisto wrote:
> Hello all
> My name is Daniel, I am a junior in High School at a HS in North 
> Carolina.  During our senior year, we have to write a report and do a 
> project to graduate (grad project).  My project is going to be on how 
> the lack of computer security knowledge in the general public has 
> affected current business practices involving the internet.
> Sence many of you work on the business end, I was hoping you could 
> provide me with some insight on how your companies polices and practices 
> have been affected by your client base. I may also have some other 
> questions as I progress with the project. I realize that this might lead 
> into some privacy concerns, therefor I invite you to email me privatly 
> at the address i'm posting with if you wish too.
> I also am hoping you could give me some books or websites I could use as 
> references so I can write my paper.

Hello Daniel,

I'm from Gastonia near Charlotte in NC.  I've been doing 
security-related things for quite a few years.  You have chosen a very 
interesting topic . . . I'd be interesting in hearing the results you 
get.  I am in the process of starting a company that will address the 
very issues that you have identified . . . helping (clueless) 
individuals and small businesses more security-conscious and helping 
them figure out how to put the appropriate controls in place.  Will be 
happy to share insights and results with you.

Best regards,

George Capehart

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