[Dshield] "Your IP was logged" Spam/Virus

John Hardin jhardin at crsretail.com
Tue Nov 22 18:28:14 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-11-21 at 15:23, Fergie wrote:

> "These scam e-mails tell the recipients that their Internet use has
> been monitored by the FBI and that they have accessed illegal Web
> sites," the FBI said in a statement. "The e-mails then direct
> recipients to open an attachment and answer questions."
> "These e-mails did not come from the FBI," the statement said.
> "Recipients of this or similar solicitations should know that the FBI
> does not engage in the practice of sending unsolicited e-mails to the
> public in this manner."

I note that the statement does NOT say that the FBI does not engage in
surveillance of the public's web browsing activity...

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