[Dshield] Any thoughts on Chappell's Training... SANS?

Roger A. Grimes roger at banneretcs.com
Wed Nov 23 16:33:19 GMT 2005

There is no better for packet analysis training. In person, there is no
better instructor for the subject. She's a bit hooked to the Novell
bandwagon at times (where she started), but she also masters Windows.
Her training is the best, she's enjoyable in person, and there is no
better real-life, hands-on, she knows her sh-t, instructor or

If I could afford it, I'd buy everything she offers...and this is coming
from a guy with 19-years of experience in the field, 15 years of packet
analyzing, and author of 5 books and 150 articles on computer security.

[This is NOT a paid announcement] <grin>


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Hello all..

I am looking at educational resources for network traffic analysis and

Does anyone have any thoughts or comments on Laura Chappell's Master
Library training?
How might this compare with SANS Track 503 in Intrusion Detection and

Any other thoughts or suggestions on resources in this area are

Please feel free to email me privately if you wish.

Happy Thanksgiving !

Andre' M. Di Mino

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