Krzysztof Cabaj kcabaj at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 19:21:37 GMT 2005


> I've got a small problem...
>                  -----    ------
>    Internet ----- 836 ---- 2611 ----- Internal Network
>                  -----    ------
> I've got some VPN clients that wanted to connect to the 2611, but for that I need to
> create some sort of VPN passthrough throught the 836...
Could you explain more specific what problems you have? What kind of
VPN you use (IPsec, PPTP etc ...). For example for IPsec you should
pass trough 836 esp and ah protocols and udp port 500 for IKE. For
PPTP you should open ACL for gre protocol and tcp 1723.

Those are my first ideas, but you should write more clearly what kind
of problem you have.

Krzysztof (Christopher) Cabaj

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