[Dshield] Access Database Forensics

Ed Truitt ed.truitt at etee2k.net
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Nemo, have you tried contacting MSFT about this?  It looks as if you are looking for some type of metadata in the file to help you - also if the database was accessed over the network maybe the event logs of the machine it was on would be of help ( esp.  if you had file/object access audit enabled.)

Unfortunately I don't think Access has transaction logs.

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Hello John,

Good suggestions, but think "suspect" rather than "client". The database is 
on a forensic image with no access to luxuries like backup tapes.  Does 
Access have a transaction journal that I could check to see recent activity 
on the database? If anyone knows of a better place to ask this question, let 
me know.

Regards.  Nemo

>I'm not sure how detailed a timeframe you're looking for, but one option
>would be to compare that record against older copies on backup tapes.
>That should get you to the proper day at least.
>For future reference, perhaps add a date/time field into the database
>with a default value of 'Now()'.  Is it possible to go in and change it?
>Yes, but for the less adept end users, it should at least give you some

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