[Dshield] What price freedom?

Tom dshield at oitc.com
Sat Nov 26 19:49:36 GMT 2005


We already pay its just the price is include and I defy you to find it.

Unless, that is, you get your comm for free...

Just remember TANSTAAFL


At 6:19 AM -0800 11/26/05, Ray Palmer wrote:
>We are reluctant to give up our freedom to send  anonymous messages under
>obscure aliases.  Maybe it is time to have all transmitted data stamped by
>the CPU and a nominal fee for email service.  Scary to find myself on this
>side of the fence!  What price should we pay to maintain our 13 root servers
>and indeed the integrity of the whole DNS web service from pharming attacks.
>When I use the post office, I pay with the stamp, include my return name and
>address and inadvertently label the envelope with my DNA  and my
>fingerprints.  Why should the local ISP be saddled with protecting my
>identity if I should choose to preach from my soapbox, annoy folks with spam
>or perpetrate crime?
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