[Dshield] "Your IP was logged" Spam/Virus

Wes S wess at acegroup.cc
Sun Nov 27 08:41:21 GMT 2005

On 21 Nov 2005 at 13:05, Wayne Beckham wrote:

> Is anyone else seeing a recurrence of these spoofed messages purporting to
> be from the FBI, CIA, etc?  I've had a couple of users report them in the
> last two hours.
> Probably nothing, but I just wondered if anyone else was seeing them...
> - Wayne

I'm so disapointed.  My lycos account that I put in usenet headers 
didn't have a single one.  Lots of paypal, ebay, stock, and viagra 
stuff though.  Supprised no bank stuff though.

I did get a few fbi ones ages ago the first time though.

Wes S

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