[Dshield] Access Database Forensics

Don Jackson dwjackson at bcbsal.org
Mon Nov 28 16:03:50 GMT 2005

Here's a response from another list.  I have not verified this info.
I'm not even sure if he means the autonumber field is an internal
data structure, or if he means "if the database designer included one,
then..." this is true.  Waiting on a response.

Most of the bests lists/forums  are reserved for owners of products
like AcesssData's FTK or Guidance Software's EnCase, or for law
enforcement/prosecution expert witnesses (in an effort to keep the
how-to info out of the hands of criminals and criminal defense
attorney's, I suppose).

>>>> "CWright" <cwright at softtrakz.com> 11/23/2005 10:30:08 am >>>
>Access has an "autonumber" field type -- basically a long integer --
>sequentates the records in the order in which they were entered.  You
>need to insert a temp field in the table; once done you can either set
>index to the field or simply sort on it.  Either way will tell you
>the order in which records were added.  Unless there is a date and/or
>field for the record you are out of luck as far as determining the
>date/time stamp.
>Hope this helps,
>Chuck Wright
>>>> nemoaus at hotmail.com 11/23/2005 4:24:47 pm >>>
>Hello John,
>Good suggestions, but think "suspect" rather than "client". The
database is 
>on a forensic image with no access to luxuries like backup tapes. 
>Access have a transaction journal that I could check to see recent
>on the database? If anyone knows of a better place to ask this
question, let 
>me know.
>Regards.  Nemo
>>I'm not sure how detailed a timeframe you're looking for, but one
>>would be to compare that record against older copies on backup
>>That should get you to the proper day at least.
>>For future reference, perhaps add a date/time field into the
>>with a default value of 'Now()'.  Is it possible to go in and change
>>Yes, but for the less adept end users, it should at least give you

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