[Dshield] Access Database Forensics

Don Jackson dwjackson at bcbsal.org
Mon Nov 28 20:58:57 GMT 2005

>>>> BKWalker at drbsystems.com 11/28/2005 1:11 pm >>>
>Sounds like he's simply talking about an autoincrement type field in
>table in question.  Most auto-increment field types (or fields setup
>with triggers/generators) the current starting number can be
>manipulated, as well as the field numbers themselves.  Perhaps this
>of analysis might be useful in some ways, but I doubt it would
>as evidence.

If he's followed proper procedures in acquiring an image of the
suspect's original data and uses methods that can reproduce his
results from it, it will probably be admitted should it go to trial.

It'll be up to the defense attorney to argue any doubt regarding

Electronic discovery is a very exciting and unpredicable field.
We could be in courtrooms across the hall from each other
and get two different rulings on admissibility of something like this.

 - Don J.
"Secan, Scearu, Findan"

PS -- As for the presence of such a field, it looks like it may depend
on the version of Access used:

>>>> <j.burnette at srs.gov> 11/28/2005 11:48 am >>>
>When Access was first written in the 90's it did time stamp the
>and also held a programmable modification date, however, those areas
>were traded to give visual basic more operability very early on.  Your

>best bet is to make a comparison with an earlier backup.  Row ID would

>only exist if it was an established in put by the user.
>John D. "JD" Burnette
>Lead, Cyber Security Engr and
>Classified Computing Program Mgr

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