[Dshield] What price freedom?

Josh A isc at coaxial.ca
Mon Nov 28 22:09:44 GMT 2005

Speaking of using CPU time as postage, have you heard of hashcash ? 




I'm currently using it in MDaemon as it's natively supported, not sure of 
any other apps that support it at this time. 



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Subject: [Dshield] What price freedom?

> We are reluctant to give up our freedom to send  anonymous messages

> under

> obscure aliases.  Maybe it is time to have all transmitted data stamped

> by

> the CPU and a nominal fee for email service.  Scary to find myself on

> this

> side of the fence!  What price should we pay to maintain our 13 root

> servers

> and indeed the integrity of the whole DNS web service from pharming

> attacks.

> When I use the post office, I pay with the stamp, include my return

> name and

> address and inadvertently label the envelope with my DNA  and my

> fingerprints.  Why should the local ISP be saddled with protecting my

> identity if I should choose to preach from my soapbox, annoy folks with

> spam

> or perpetrate crime?


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