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Tue Nov 29 23:55:50 GMT 2005

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005 15:05:20 EST, Paul Marsh said:
> Disregard my original email because it sat in queue for 2 hrs.  By the
> time it was released and hit everyone's inbox the problem was resolved.

At least one major provider used this sort of thing to screw their customers
out of SLA credits.  They'd have to pay up for (say) any outage of 20 minutes
or more, while the average time-to-fix ran about 25.  So they took advantage of
the fact that their NOC usually got a status alert essentially instantly,
so their 25 mins started from the actual outage start.  Meanwhile, the customer
would usually take 5 minutes to notice, and another 5 minutes to call the NOC
and complain.  So when the phone rang at the NOC, they're 15 minutes from
a fix, and 10 minutes from owing an SLA credit.

Solution?  Invent a complicated system to open a problem ticket that takes more
than 15 minutes to navigate the phone tree, find a real person, and open a
ticket.  The NOC tech immediately turns around and stamps it as "Working now..."

There's other places better suited for near-realtime diagnosing of network
problems - though of late, NANOG hasn't looked kindly on these sorts of questions
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