[Dshield] E-mail verification request from pgp.com?

John Hardin johnh at aproposretail.com
Tue Oct 4 15:39:08 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-03 at 10:24, Laurent Saplairoles wrote:

> So, does it mean that PGP is out as far as trusted computing goes and I need to find 
> a new way to digitally sign my e-mails ans encrypt files?

gnupg is an alternative. You can be sure the FSF won't succumb to .gov
wishes for backdoor access...

> Meanwhile, how important is it to have my signature available on the public servers?

It's nice, if you want J. Random Correspondent whom you have never had
contact with before to send you secure content, or if you want anybody
in the world to verify the authenticity of what you've signed.

There are public keyservers that are not associated with PGP corp.

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