[Dshield] E-mail verification request from pgp.com?

Kenton Smith listsks at yahoo.ca
Tue Oct 4 16:09:17 GMT 2005

--- Laurent Saplairoles <lsaplai at megassistance.com>

>I do not remember authorising PGP corp to send
> me this kind of verification e-
> mail therefore it is basically spam. There is a huge
> ethic issue here.
> Meanwhile, how important is it to have my signature
> available on the public servers?
> -- 
> Laurent Saplairoles
> IT Manager
> www.megassistance.com
Did you read their privacy policy and EULA? There are
a few places in each that basically says you have
given them permission to send you email.
Besides, as far as PGP is concerned (I would guess),
the key servers are an important part of the whole PGP
system (the public part). Therefore if changes are
being made that affect the integrity of the
application they're going to have to let you know. It
would be irresponsible of them not to. If there was a
bug in the PGP app, you'd expect them to send you an
email would you not?
I think they've been a little sloppy in this whole
thing, but unethical? I think that's probably a


P.S. As far as you needing the key server; the only
time you'd need it is if you want to receive encrypted
email from someone you don't know. Or if you sign all
your email and someone who doesn't have your public
key wants to verify your signature. (I think that's it...)


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