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Wed Oct 5 17:59:08 GMT 2005

On Wed, 05 Oct 2005 12:28:20 EDT, Sean Waddell said:
> Not sure if this is appropriate for this list, but wanted to see if
> anyone has any other information.  This morning Level 3 de-peered with
> Cogent (according to Cogent Tech Support).  There does not seem to be
> any reaons for this according to Cogent.  This obviously has impact only
> on those who use either ISP and trying to get to services on the other
> ISP.  Does anyone have insight as to whether Cogent may have more issues
> then they are saying (ie going out of business?)

It shouldn't come as any surprise, seeing as how back in August Level3 *said*
they'd do it on Sep 15:  http://www.mail-archive.com/nanog@merit.edu/msg36403.html

The fact that they didn't follow through 3 weeks ago led a certain wit
to create this (warning - may not be work-safe image):

The same wit commented a few hours later "I guess the earlier reports of (3)'s
lack of testicular fortitude may have been exagerated after all. :)"

It looks like Cogent is planning to make lots of lemonade:

Seen on NANOG, from Cogent support to a customer:


As of 5:30 am EDT, October 5th, Level(3) terminated peering with  
Cogent without cause (as permitted under its peering agreement with  
Cogent) even though both Cogent and Level(3) remained in full  
compliance with the previously existing interconnection agreement.   
Cogent has left the peering circuits open in the hope that Level(3)  
will change its mind and allow traffic to be exchanged between our  
networks. We are extending a special offering to single homed Level 3  

Cogent will offer any Level 3 customer, who is single homed to the  
Level 3 network on the date of this notice, one year of full Internet  
transit free of charge at the same bandwidth currently being supplied  
by Level 3. Cogent will provide this connectivity in over 1,000  
locations throughout North America and Europe.

For status updates and further information on the special offering   
-- please see our status page at http://status.cogentco.com

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