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> Not sure if this is appropriate for this list, but wanted to see if
> anyone has any other information.  This morning Level 3 de-peered with
> Cogent (according to Cogent Tech Support).  There does not seem to be
> any reaons for this according to Cogent.  This obviously has impact only
> on those who use either ISP and trying to get to services on the other
> ISP.  Does anyone have insight as to whether Cogent may have more issues
> then they are saying (ie going out of business?)
> Thanks.
> Sean

I wonder if this is the same bilateral peer that I provisioned when I was 
still with the former PSINet, prior to the Cogent buyout.  The only thing 
that I can find is dated Sept 14, 2005:

"Unoffical sources say that Level 3 sent a depeering notice to Cogent a
month ago, for a disconnection on either the 15th or the 16th of
September. Based on the fact that Cogent is offering 0 commit ports to any
Level 3 customers they can find (at 50% of their L3 pricing), it looks
like they're preparing to shift as much traffic off as possible, and put
the rest on transit."

Full conversation at: 

All that I can say in comparison, is that when I worked with PSINet, PSINet 
depeered with C&W net because even though we put in the PSINet side of the 
bilateral peer in Chicago, C&W didn't put their circuit in place and were 
routing traffic over the circuit we installed. So, after waiting 6 months 
(approx) for them to get their end active and failing to do so, PSINet 
pulled the plug.


Micheal Patterson
Senior Communications Systems Engineer

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