[Dshield] Are you guys going after the Earthquakistan scams?

Scott Fendley scottf at uark.edu
Tue Oct 11 21:02:14 GMT 2005

As for I,  I was out of town last week so I missed that there was 
quake until yesterday.  So I haven't stirred that pot yet as we had 
MS Patch Day today.  I will start seeing what we can do tonight into 
tomorrow to work on these as well.

Scott Fendley
Internet Storm Center

At 09:19 PM 10/10/2005, TheGesus wrote:
>Or was that strictly a U.S project?
>Created On:09-Oct-2005 06:41:16 UTC
>Last Updated On:09-Oct-2005 07:12:15 UTC
>Expiration Date:09-Oct-2006 06:41:16 UTC
>Just askin'.
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