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Halsall, Mike mike at middlebury.edu
Wed Oct 12 18:28:34 GMT 2005

Hi Paul - I've had great success using VMWare Workstation 5 (their new
multiple snapshot configuration is wonderful along with the ease of use
of their snapshot tree).  The host operating system is just a fully
patched version of XP Pro with SP 2 and virus protection.  I have never
heard of any VM guest to host contamination and don't know, sans worm
based vulnerabilities of the host OS, if it's even possible; I've been
running a VM setup for years and have never had a problem.

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 Afternoon All:

	I want to start playing around with the latest and greatest viri
and exploits to see what they do and how they function.  My question is
how secure is the system the vmware in running on?  Are there best
practices I need to follow in order to lock the vm down so I don't
compromise the host system?

Thanx, Paul

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