[Dshield] IRC BOT opportunity

Halsall, Mike mike at middlebury.edu
Thu Oct 13 00:16:57 GMT 2005

Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions.  I'll indeed heed the advice and
not go solo, even though it's tempting as hell to have some fun with
this thing.  I'm amazed at how much information the Ops are willing to
give out in such a short amount of time (there was a bunch of banning
going on at first, but we got over our differences :) - and how quickly
one can gain trust (that phenomena of the net seems to even permeate
that scene).

I have been logging everything and have samples of all the stuff they've
been pushing down to their zombies.

I gave a call to my local FBI field office and they don't have a
cyber-crime handler on duty in the evening (can you believe it?!?! :)
I'll give them a call tomorrow and let you know what shakes out.

It's certainly not a white whale of Botnets, but I think it's definitely
big enough to do some damage.  At least it'll be nice to get it off the

Thanks again.


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