[Dshield] Well, there they are -- exploits for latest Microsoft vu lnerabilities

David Taylor ltr at isc.upenn.edu
Fri Oct 14 01:31:11 GMT 2005

I haven't heard about it being in the wild yet.  Canvas has a module but
that software costs around $25,000 so not sure I would call that in the
wild.  I figure it is only a matter of time before Metasploit has their
module and we all know where it goes from there.  :)

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Actually, I think the more likely vetor will be the MS05-051
exploit, but I figured everyone had already haeard about that
being in the wild. :-)

- ferg

-- Jim McCullough <jim.mccullough at gmail.com> wrote:

Batten down the hatches, bolt the doors, grab the hip wadders. I got a gut
feeling we are going to need them this weekend. From what I see, we will see
worms at the latest by Monday morning.

On 10/13/05, Fergie (Paul Ferguson) <fergdawg at netzero.net> wrote:
> Microsoft Windows FTP Client File Transfer Location Tampering Exploit
> (MS05-044)
> http://www.frsirt.com/exploits/20051013.ms05-044.c.php
> Microsoft Windows Network Connection Manager Local DoS Exploit (MS05-045)
> http://www.frsirt.com/exploits/20051013.ms05-045.c.php
> Microsoft Collaboration Data Objects Buffer Overflow PoC Exploit
> (MS05-048)
> http://www.frsirt.com/exploits/20051013.ms05-048.c.php
> Only the MS05-048 is considered to be "high risk", but word to
> the wise...
> - ferg
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Jim McCullough

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