[Dshield] Bizarre Activity Spurt...

Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Sat Oct 15 08:46:41 GMT 2005

> If you bought a new car from a dealer and it was low on oil, the air
> filter needed changing, and the windows (no pun intended) leaked water
> when it rained, you can bet the buyer would take it back and demand
> satisfaction.  Yet you buy a computer in the equivalent state of
> disarray, and nobody seems to care.

That is true but we are probably getting more trouble from the ones that buy 
a car that has been fully serviced and then think that it will never need 
work again. Most car owners come back to the garage for a service, tune-up 
and occational fixes when they issue a general recall on some part that 
I have not seen so many people driving theie car untill it is a total loss 
but they are out there. Compuiters on the other hand, most of the common 
people have a hard time understanding that they need to keep the computer 
fixed and up to date.

> The sad part is that fixing the computer (by installing service packs,
> disabling services, enabling the firewall, etc.) is trivial compared to
> fixing the defects in a car.  Any competent shop should have a master
> image  that they use to ghost new machines, so all it takes is getting
> it right once.

I used to work in one back in 1995 and the old truth is that you sell your 
time and many little shops don't have the time unless they work a lot after 
hours on it. I could install Windows 95 with one hand tied behind my back an 
minimal ammount of time lost on the user dialogue but making a standard 
installfile was not on the agenda since I would have had to figure out how 
to make on and that would cut into my evening time.

Another thing is that the users are spoiled when it comes to computers. They 
expect everything to be for free (as in free beer) but with a car they know 
it will cost and mostly pay without to much complaints.

> But I suspect I'm preaching to the choir here...

Amen! :)

I think that the problem keeping people safe and happy is that the updating 
haven't found it's mature form yet and therefore isn't easy for everyone to 
This last week (at least in europe) microsoft update notices have found 
their way into the absolute mainstream media and I even overheard two people 
at the pub yesterday talking about this automatic update as this amazing 
thing they just found. The updates from this week weren't that bad compared 
to some we have had before but I think we are seeing a realization that 
everyone needs to keep safe, like when radio warns of traficjams.

// Bo Nordgren 

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