[Dshield] 64,000 ports, ISP's out of control

Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Sat Oct 15 14:33:54 GMT 2005

> 64,000 ports that can each be used for anything you can imagine and a 
> global
> bunch of ISP's that say, "frankly, dears, we don't give a damn"  Looks 
> like
> a recipe for anarchy. No wonder the criminal element thrives in this
> environment. No one is driving the truck.
> Don't let the sound of yer own wheels drive you crazy,

If I understand you correctly you don't like the internet period.
/me thinks you are a troll.

I am a bit annoyed at my own ISP who choose to block ports 1024 and below. I 
can work around it but some things break and I can't fully use the service 
that I am paying for.

// Bo 

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