[Dshield] New IM Virus?

Daniel Richards kyhwana at world-net.co.nz
Mon Oct 17 14:40:49 GMT 2005

Scott wrote:
> Has anyone seen an AIM IM containing  the URL
> hxxp://FullPictures.my-net-space.net/show.php?sec=jxxx&num=xxx
> in it? VirusTotal doesn't know what it is, but in the strings, I see the
> below, which leads me to believe it's nasty...
MD5: aa9472daaf11f02e9bab6fe8e4e9e18d

According to the online malware scan..
Dr.Web :Found DLOADER.IRC.Trojan (probable variant)
Kaspersky Anti-Virus: Found Backdoor.Win32.IRCBot.hz
NOD32: Found probably unknown NewHeur_PE (probable variant)

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