[Dshield] 64,000 ports, ISP's out of control

Philip H. O'Neill poneill at oneillsystems.com
Mon Oct 17 14:28:14 GMT 2005

At what point does it become the ISP's responsibility to control
applications that the client uses?

The Internet is not owned by a single entity but by a collaboration
based on standards. Those standards allow the Internet to operate so
packets get from point A to point B as reliable as possible even in the
event of failure along a given route. The content of the packet or the
port being used are not of real concern, just that it can pass through
their part of the Internet.

The ISP will normally not take action unless there is a creditable
compliant. It is the end-points responsibility to control access in or
out of their network or systems. If there is a problem that is or can be
documented then the ISP can take some form of action. But that action
will generally be temporary and apply only to the complaining network. I
say generally because of other complaints they may contact another ISP
to help. 

Remember an ISP is a client of another ISP. Most will be willing to work
with their clients to provide smooth transfer of packets and prevent
disruption of service. Some access service providers (AOL,MSN...) do
block traffic on their network both by port and by content. 

For some restricted access is the best solution but they will miss out
on some content based prevailing religion and politics. Just look at
China with there restrictions and how safe the Internet is ;) 

The criminal element will exist even if there was only one entity
running the Internet and only one port available. 

That is my 2 cents and it free.


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> I agree with Craig..... What ? Where is this going?
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> > 64,000 ports that can each be used for anything you can 
> > imagine and a global
> > bunch of ISP's that say, "frankly, dears, we don't give a 
> > damn"  Looks like
> > a recipe for anarchy. No wonder the criminal element thrives in this
> > environment. No one is driving the truck.
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