[Dshield] DShield Submission Confirmation email

Allen Mundt amundt at waukeshacounty.gov
Tue Oct 18 17:12:48 GMT 2005

Same thing is happening to me.  I can log into Dshield just fine, and my account settings look right.  According to the dshield SW, the logs are going out, but I am not getting any ack back either.



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>>> jullrich at euclidian.com 10/18/2005 11:41 AM >>>
dlinkrouter wrote:
> I was wondering is dshield mailing system down, For 5 days now I have not recevie my daily fightback report view from dshield, Also I have not recevie DShield Submission Confirmation email.
> Nothing has not change from the dlink router side, I still recevie my own email logs but like I said dshield has not confrim they got a copy.

can you try to connect ot the mail server via telnet? Just to make sure
your ISP hasn't started blocking anything.

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