[Dshield] Infocon Yellow: Snort Vulnerability

Scott Melnick smelnick at water.com
Thu Oct 20 14:11:42 GMT 2005

>Unfortunately, my copy of the infocon graphic, inlined on my home
>page,  has the image cached, so the only way I see the color change is
>to manually clear the cache so I can load a fresh copy from
>I noticed the same issue back in August, the last time it changed...

>Kevin Kadow

You should try out the ISCAlert systray tool (assuming you are running a
windows machine). This works very well.

If that is not an option for you, then you could always add some
statements on your page to prevent it from Caching or maybe isc will add
it to theirs.

<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache">


<meta http-equiv="expires" content="0">



Source: http://www.codeave.com/html/code.asp?u_log=5080
Source: http://www.i18nguy.com/markup/metatags.html

Scott Melnick
Security Guy

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