[Dshield] Bizarre Activity Spurt...

Freek de Kruijf f.de.kruijf at hetnet.nl
Thu Oct 20 16:34:51 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 19 oktober 2005 13:13, jayjwa wrote:
> People say that the source IP's are spoofed, but I don't think they even
> go that far: they all are sitting on ISP's networks who don't seem to
> care, no matter how many times you report them. They're untouchable as it
> is, so why bother to spoof?

At least from one source I have the confirmation that the IP-address must 
have been spoofed. 

This brings me to the question why Internet Exchange Centers don't have 
proper anti-spoof filters.


Freek de Kruijf

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