[Dshield] OT BPL

Bob Kehr rskehr at ucdavis.edu
Thu Oct 20 20:06:03 GMT 2005

I could be wrong, but I don't think the issue is so much hams jamming BPL as
much as the RF garbage generated by BPL making ham and some other public
service freqs useless.


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>  I've been reading about BPL.  A lot of concerns about RF regarding
> interference with HAM operators and other RF devices.  One 
> question that
> I can't seam to find an answer to is how secure is the 
> system?  If a HAM
> operator can jamb the BPL just by getting on the right freq., 
> why can't
> someone sniff the network on the same freq.?  BPL is starting to gain
> momentum and looks promising.  Looks like another access 
> point we'll all
> need to start thinking about.
> Thanx, Paul
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