[Dshield] OT BPL

Bob Kehr rskehr at ucdavis.edu
Fri Oct 21 13:42:52 GMT 2005

>From the perspective of RF, a notch filter isn't selective. If you notch out
the bad RF, you're also notching out the good. You can't notch out BPL but
let public service signals pass. The opposite is also true. You can't notch
out outside interference and preserve integrity of the BPL signal.



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> 	A little more research and it looks like there are devices that
> can notch out and BPL freqs to avoid RF interference for both side of
> the problem.  For the most part the data is running over unshielded
> lines.  I haven't found any info regarding encryption of the
> transmissions, it just sounds like a recipe for problems.  I 
> understand
> that BPL's and home BPL networks have been around for awhile but have
> not been adopted by people in the states
> http://www.homeplug.org/en/index.asp.  IMO it's just a matter of time
> before we see it wide spread in the states, testing has been done and
> pilot rollouts are already up and running.  Is anyone on the 
> list using
> BPL service?  How's it going?  What are the ups and downs?  I'll be
> honest I'm looking at this in two lights one is learn the 
> technology and
> make some bucks the other is another access point to look down.
> Thanx, Paul 
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