[Dshield] looking at new firewall would like off line opinions

Richard Roy Rich.Roy at justicetrax.com
Mon Oct 24 16:06:50 GMT 2005

I am looking at procuring a new firewall appliance.  Currently I have 2
different firewalls (one on each connection) both are Watchguard Firebox
series firewalls.  I have not been thrilled with their support and am
not overly interested in renewing maintenance on them.  I have been
looking at the SonicWall Pro 2040 Security Appliance to use at the
perimeter as well as the Juniper Netscreen 50.  I'd like some opinions.
Please don't tell me to set up IPtables and IPchains or some other do it
yourself firewall solution. I do not have any interest in that type of
solution.  I need something fairly simple as a first layer of defense,
with a place to point a finger when needed, and someone to answer the
phone when needed as well.
I would like a multiWan solution with VPN, multi LAN, and easy to use at
the least.    The multiWAN seems to rule a lot of boxes out rather
I value all of the help the community has provided in the past.  Please
reply off list.
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