[Dshield] Handlers diary?

Bo Nordgren bo at nordgren.net
Thu Oct 27 12:28:41 GMT 2005

> > http://isc.sans.org/
> > The diary seems to be down at the moment, the list is quiet as a mouse
> > and I can't get
> > to the forum. What is going on?
> > The status link on dshield.org is still from yesterday.
> >
> > Everyone sleeping along with the webserver?
> I just got up and "kicked it". I upgraded from php 4 to 5 yesterday,
> which seemed to work fine at first, but over night some errors
> developped. Well, its back on 4 now until I worked out the problem.

Aha. I was startinh to suspect something with php since all php links were 
broken. I myself ran into a problem with globaly registered values due to 
old code that couldn't be changed or removed while upgrading but it broke 
as soon as I tried to start the server.

Things seem to be back to as normal as it gets.

// Bo

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