[Dshield] Windows Update?

Stasiniewicz, Adam stasinia at msoe.edu
Wed Apr 5 20:22:02 GMT 2006

Microsoft (and anyone else) doesn't put out much notification for Office
patches.  In fact, Office does not even follow the standard 2nd Tuesday
rule, nor does the MSRC even catalog most of their patches.

The two reasons I have heard for this is first, most Office patches are
not security related (i.e. bug fixes, feature improvements, and Junk
Mail filtering rule updates).  And 2nd, it is hard to exploit most
Office apps (minus Outlook of course), so the need to keep Office
up-to-date is not as critical as your desktop/server OSes and their
respective services.

Adam Stasiniewicz  
MSCE: Messaging & Security 2003 

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I just got an Autoupdate from Microsoft, but I have not seen anything
it on DShield.  Did I miss it?

Critical Update for Office XP on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (KB885884)

Size: 4.3 MB

This update resolves an issue affecting only customers deploying the
MS04-028 update for Office XP on Windows XP SP2. The original update
to install correctly, but it may not actually have completed. To help
protect your computer, we are providing this new update. After you
this item, you may have to restart your computer.

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