[Dshield] DShield List [WAS: Windows Update?]

Anthony Rodgers Anthony_Rodgers at dnv.org
Wed Apr 5 21:50:00 GMT 2006

I'm curious as to what people think the purpose of this list is? I  
get my general security info elsewhere, and use this list to discuss  
specific log anomalies and DShield operations.

Anyone else?

Anthony Rodgers
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District of North Vancouver
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On 5-Apr-06, at 10:09 AM, DigitalNation wrote:

> Sorry folks but this list is toast.
> Something is very wrong with it and I would advise everyone to seek  
> a new
> source of security info. DShield has put forth no effort to fix it  
> and seem
> to not care very much. Noone is getting messages any longer and the  
> only
> thing ever discussed here are SYS-LOG reader apps......really too  
> bad it
> ended up like this.
> M. Mc.

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