[Dshield] DShield List [WAS: Windows Update?]

Craig Webster craig at xeriom.net
Thu Apr 6 01:32:34 GMT 2006

On 5 Apr 2006, at 22:50, Anthony Rodgers wrote:
> I'm curious as to what people think the purpose of this list is? I
> get my general security info elsewhere, and use this list to discuss
> specific log anomalies and DShield operations.
> Anyone else?

I don't see this list as a security vulnerability announcement list,  
a virus warning list or anything like that - there are plenty  
resources out there dedicated to this sort of thing. Instead, I see  
it as a place where people talk about general security concerns such  
as log anomalies, spikes in certain kinds of attack and potential  
upcoming problems. It's less of a formal discussion area and more of  
a place to get a friendly heads-up or a pointer in the right direction.

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