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Allen Mundt amundt at waukeshacounty.gov
Thu Apr 6 13:03:54 GMT 2006

This may sound like a dumb question, but would people mind sharing a couple of pieces of information, as your time allows:

1)  Favorite Security web sites.
2)  Good book or course on parsing network traffic anomalies and analyzing them for threat information

Thanks so much


Allen Mundt,  Waukesha County Government, I.T. Division, 262.970.4757
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>>> Anthony_Rodgers at dnv.org 4/5/2006 4:50 PM >>>
I'm curious as to what people think the purpose of this list is? I  
get my general security info elsewhere, and use this list to discuss  
specific log anomalies and DShield operations.

Anyone else?

Anthony Rodgers
Business Systems Analyst
District of North Vancouver
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On 5-Apr-06, at 10:09 AM, DigitalNation wrote:

> Sorry folks but this list is toast.
> Something is very wrong with it and I would advise everyone to seek  
> a new
> source of security info. DShield has put forth no effort to fix it  
> and seem
> to not care very much. Noone is getting messages any longer and the  
> only
> thing ever discussed here are SYS-LOG reader apps......really too  
> bad it
> ended up like this.
> M. Mc.
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