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Timothy A. Holmes tholmes at mcaschool.net
Thu Apr 6 16:06:12 GMT 2006

Johannes -- I realize that I am not nearly ready to be a moderator yet,
-- I'm Far too new to security and the list both, but if I can help in
some way, please let me know -- this is a great list, and the #dshield
room is great too both are excellent resources



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> Craig wrote:
> > I don't see this list as a security vulnerability announcement list,
> > a virus warning list or anything like that - there are plenty
> > resources out there dedicated to this sort of thing. Instead, I see
> > it as a place where people talk about general security concerns such
> > as log anomalies, spikes in certain kinds of attack and potential
> > upcoming problems. It's less of a formal discussion area and more of
> > a place to get a friendly heads-up or a pointer in the right
> I think you very nicely summarized how I feel about this list.
> It was created as a DShield support list, but of course there is much
> more to talk about ;-).
> That said: I am thinking about splitting the list up again into
> areas. Past attempts to do so failed (usually everybody gravitated to
> this list..). But let me think about various approaches to do so.
> Also: Anybody would like to join the moderator crew? Let me know. You
> need to have a good posting history on this list.
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