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Your right. I am wrong. I will look for a more friendly/informative/helpful
place to post.

Bon chance et adieu.

PS: Rick, having to reboot the server for the posts to go out (from January
for that matter) is not a technical problem? Did you ever think that is why
no one got any messages for 5 days? 


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> People like who? This list is for general security discussion. (when 
> it works , which is not often.)
This is the second time you've complained without backing up your 
statements.  What is it you are seeing that is wrong with this list.  I 
have never had trouble posting, and as for reading, although the volume 
tends to vary widely I attributed that to lack of things to talk about, 
not some sort of technical problem.

I have seen no indication of a any technical problem in this group other 
than the odd person who had gotten blocked by over attentive SPAM filters.


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