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Deb Hale haled at pionet.net
Thu Apr 6 18:20:29 GMT 2006

Let me know if I can help in any way J.

Deb Hale

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Craig wrote:

> I don't see this list as a security vulnerability announcement list,
> a virus warning list or anything like that - there are plenty  
> resources out there dedicated to this sort of thing. Instead, I see  
> it as a place where people talk about general security concerns such  
> as log anomalies, spikes in certain kinds of attack and potential  
> upcoming problems. It's less of a formal discussion area and more of  
> a place to get a friendly heads-up or a pointer in the right direction.

I think you very nicely summarized how I feel about this list. It was
created as a DShield support list, but of course there is much more to talk
about ;-).

That said: I am thinking about splitting the list up again into several
areas. Past attempts to do so failed (usually everybody gravitated to this
list..). But let me think about various approaches to do so.

Also: Anybody would like to join the moderator crew? Let me know. You need
to have a good posting history on this list.

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