[Dshield] DShield List [WAS: Windows Update?]

Rick.Wanner@sasktel.sk.ca Rick.Wanner at sasktel.sk.ca
Thu Apr 6 18:56:43 GMT 2006

> PS: Rick, having to reboot the server for the posts to go out (from 
> for that matter) is not a technical problem? Did you ever think that is 
> no one got any messages for 5 days? 
Didn't mean to chase you off, I was genuinely interested in hearing about 
the problems you were talking about.  I don't remember any outages, and I 
am not aware of the 5 day gap you are talking about.  I don't show one in 
my archive in the recent past.

My belief is that if you perceive a difficulty please quantify it so 
people can look at it.  The tone and content of your messages were such 
that you obviously perceived a difficulty, but I didn't know what you were 
complaining about and you didn't explain it. I'm a reasonably sharp guy, 
so I have to believe that if I didn't get it, neither did a number of the 
other people on this list.

My opinion.  YMMV


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