[Dshield] Today's ISC Handler's Diary

Tom dshield at oitc.com
Wed Apr 12 12:33:20 GMT 2006

At 3:43 PM -0400 4/10/06, David Cary Hart wrote:
>"- Child pornography: children_at_interpol.int,
>gmail_at_cybertip.ca .  Other than these, do not redistribute the 
>spams, visit any advertised sites, or keep the emails."
>In the US, the FBI has designated http://www.ncmec.org/ as the proper
>reporting agency for any child exploitation.
>Reporting Unlawful Sales of Medical Products on the Internet

Thanks! Also

Drug scams or the online purchase of "bad" medicine can be forwarded 
to webcomplaints at ora.fda.gov

Security scams (including pump and dump: enforcement at sec.gov
Security fraud: cyberfraud at nasaa.org and enforcement at sec.gov (for 
listed companies)
Bank fraud: consumer.complaint at occ.treas.gov
419 fraud: 419.fcd at usss.treas.gov(US), fraud.alert at met.police.uk 
(UK), er-waoc at afp.gov.au(AU), webpol at nigeriapolice.org (NG), 
vdventera at saps.org.za(ZA)
Lotto scams: scams at fraudwatchinternational.com
AU Spam: reportingspam at aca.gov.au
Illegal drugs: drugs at interpol.int
Child porn: gmail at cybertip.ca (CA)

Portscans and interusion attempts from USG: fedcirc at fedcirc.gov, 
nipc.watch at fbi.gov
Portscans and interusion attempts from US Mil: cert at cert.mil (DOD),
rcert-conus at rcertc.army.mil(ARMY), acert at liwa.belvoir.army.mil 
(ARMY), itac at infosec.navy.mil (NAVY), afcert at lackland.af.mil 
(AIRFORCE), afnosc.nsd at lackland.af.mil (AIRFORCE)


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