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Fielder, Wayne (CPE) Wayne.Fielder at ky.gov
Thu Apr 13 14:39:55 GMT 2006

Greetings all,

   One of our sub-agencies has an interesting predicament.  They are
part of a consortium that manages a statewide system.  The system is
hosted at two sites and those sites share the load based on geographic

   For the first time in the 7 year history of this outfit, they are now
wanting to determine the costs involved at the two hosting sites.
Record keeping hasn't been that great among consortium members and, as I
said, no one has thought to do this analysis in the past.  Well...now's
the time since our beloved Legislature has stripped a million dollars
from our operating budget.  

   Does anyone know of a public Gartner report addressing this kind of
issue?  Has anyone else went down this road?  I'm not looking for data.
I'm looking for what was asked to get the data.

Wayne Fielder GSECG, GCIHG
Sr. Network Administrator
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education

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