[Dshield] isc strangeness...

Sean Smith ssmith at kwqc.com
Tue Apr 18 20:32:26 GMT 2006

I've been having on and off connection issues with ISC as well.
Occasionally the page will time out and my Infocon does not connect. A
refresh or two takes care of it on this end, but there are definitely


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I noted a day or two ago that the firefox addon for the isc "color"
state on my primary workstation was now showing "disconnected".  I also
note that I can no longer reach http://isc.sans.org/ -- things just time
out.  I CAN reach them from other sites, but not from any machine behind
my optonline ISP.

Have I been bad or are dynamic IP lists now being shunned by isc?

Enquiring minds...

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