[Dshield] Forensics to become a felony in Georgia

Kenneth Coney superc at visuallink.com
Thu Apr 27 16:21:16 GMT 2006

I have seen this before and have dealt with it before.  More and more 
states are moving in this direction.  The best solution is to simply 
pick up the additional license(s) if one can and deduct the costs at tax 
time.  Render unto Caesar, etc.  In some states simply taking one or two 
additional classes selected by the state allows one to qualify for a 
specialized PI license.  Alternatives are to have everything done under 
the "supervision" of a hired attorney or a PI consultant (both usually 
charge you a tariff).  Computer forensic analysts aren't the only ones 
running into this.  Often receptionists do too.  More than one firm I 
know of has chosen off duty cops or off duty soldiers as someone hired 
as a receptionist.  Technically here in VA, the roles of a receptionist 
and a plain clothes security guard are poorly defined and can overlap.  
Especially if the receptionist has a concealed pistol and a permit.  In 
some states even simply conducting door to door surveys can land you in 
trouble.  A narrowly focused survey incorporating interviews can appear 
to be pretty close to an investigation to a state regulator/inspector 
seeking license fees for the state.  Do you do general consulting?  You 
might, depending on the nature of the consulting, require several 
licenses.  Different professional groups lobby legislators in their own 
behalf all the time.  Engineering societies might someday believe you 
should be a forced to retain an engineer or an architect before 
specifying specific brands or specifications for door locks, as well as 
the PI license for security consulting, and will seek to have an Act of 
Legislature passed accordingly.  We have a meaningless term used often 
locally by larger companies of "Software Engineer."  No qualification 
requirement exists.  In this area, any one can hang out that shingle.  I 
have seen HS (barely) graduates hired as "Software Engineers," and 
"Network Engineers" right off the street.  Ridiculous salaries too.  
Some don't know Basic from assembly.  They just sit in the back of the 
room during the sales presentation and nod their heads on cue.  A sales 
gimmick, nothing more.  Clients eat it up and pay more too.  Once in 
awhile the sales department actually/accidentally hire people who know 
way more than the salesman.  (Clients who recognize this will steal them 
if they can.)  Sooner or later though the "instant engineers" will band 
together, form a lobbyist group, and get laws passed saying who must pay 
dues to them.  The state will also collect a licensing fee.  Just roll 
with it and raise your costs accordingly.

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