[Dshield] mailing list reorg

Anthony Rodgers Anthony_Rodgers at dnv.org
Thu Apr 27 22:17:01 GMT 2006

Hi Johannes,

We already have DShield-Announce, DShield-Current, D-Shield-Intrusions 
and this one - only one of them (this one) has any traffic whatsoever. 
There was a brief discussion a couple of weeks ago on what people felt 
was the purpose of this list and the consensus seemed to be that people 
got general security information elsewhere, and specific operational 
information for DShield, firewalls, logs etc. here.

I would be inclined to do almost the exact opposite of what you're 
proposing - collapse the existing lists into this one.....

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On Apr 25, 2006, at 6:42 AM, Johannes B. Ullrich wrote:

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> I am thinking about reorganizing our mailing list. Right now, we only
> got one ("dshield"). I am thinking about the following lists:
> - - DShield: Discuss issues affecting DShield (e.g. "how to submit
> reports").
> - - Logs: Discuss logs (a bit like what "intrusions" was about)
> - - Malware (this will be a public list in addition to a closed list we
> have now)
> - - Compliance (given that it looks we got a good response on that 
> topic)
> - - Best Practices ("how do I secure my mail server?")
> We can add to this list. All of these lists will be public.
> Any suggestions/ideas? I tried to do splits like this before without
> much success. This time I hope to get it right by adding sufficient
> moderators.
> You can only suggest additional lists if you want to be the moderator.
> This is just a proposal at this point. No first date yet on when to cut
> over.
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