[Dshield] Thoughts on article - 'Phishers try a phone hook'

Neil Richardson neilr at ieee.org
Fri Apr 28 16:46:29 GMT 2006

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Good Friday morning to all.

This morning on /. I saw an article from ZDNet Asia about some
phishers sending out emails with instructions to call a ('ph'ony)
voice-response system that mimics the target company and attempts to
collect personal information
(uses annoying in-window pop-up).

- From the little I understand about such technologies, I'd assume that
such a system could be set up (on the low-end) using one of the
open-source PBX systems and a couple of phone lines (although couldn't
the phone number be traced back to the owner?) so the story seems
plausible, but before I start alerting my friends/family/co-workers I
wanted to find out what you guys think: is this an urban myth, a
possible-but-unlikely threat, or the something we need to actively
watch from now on?

Have a good day (and a great weekend!)

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