[Dshield] Tapes - Physical destruction methods?

Al Reust areust at comcast.net
Tue Aug 1 00:58:41 GMT 2006


You said that you have a shredder capable of CD's... Crack the case with a 
hammer, grab the end and feed the end into the shredder... Have a can of WD 
40 handy to spray into the teeth on occasion... The WD 40 keeps things from 
overheating and cleen's its teeth... IT will also help to break down the 
oxide on the tape making it a goo... So if you lock the shredder in the Fwd 
Mode you should be able to feed a couple of tapes at a time.

Just let the spools sit in a small box on the floor... till they unwind...

Obviously try one tape first to see what might go wrong...

I have seen where a large cutting board. Use a hacksaw to cut the tape in 
half on the spool and then lay out the pieces flat and go to cutting...

A good handy disruptive magnetic field is a Large Vacuum cleaner... With 
the Shop Vac Running bring the tape as close to the motor as you can rotate 
the tape in all directions and with it still close shut off the motor...

In the late 60's I was servicing TV's and one lady that about once a week 
screwed up the color on the Color TV... One afternoon I asked her what she 
does during the day... She had the TV on and then would vacuum the living 
room, when she shut the Vacuum OFF by the TV the Color went out of 
whack..  I started the vacuum cleaner and moved it next to the TV while 
on... She watch the pretty colors of the rainbow and then when I shut the 
vacuum off the color was out of whack... That was education to change her 
habits...  Or start paying for Service Calls which were no longer going to 
be covered under warranty...

For Floppies, Refrigerator Magnets are usually enough to kill disks... You 
can buy sheets of the stuff (magnetic signs to go on the door of vehicles) 
and lay one out flat and lay floppies across the width of it... every now 
and then rotate and flip them over the floppies...


At 10:32 AM 7/31/2006 -0700, dianalucy00-sans at yahoo.com wrote:
>Thanks to all for the suggestions.  I think I'll try the degausser option 
>first, as seems to be the easiest for me to do.  We have limited funds, 
>but I should be able to get this given the recent headlines.
>I liked the acetone idea, but the fumes may be more than I can handle.  I 
>don't have access to an incinerator, and burning a tape without using an 
>incinerator is definitely out for me.  I wish I had an intern, but s/he'd 
>probably quit or somehow shortcut the process. BTW: I have actually 
>despooled a DLT IV tape, snipping as I went - what a pain that was.   I 
>wish our shredder was industrial, ours can only handle CDs - not even 
>floppy diskettes (which also need to be destroyed).
>- Linda :)
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>Salt water would have no effect on the plastic or ceramics.  Heat and or
>mutilation does a much better job of skewing/hiding the data.  An old
>(late 50s vintage) cast iron, tractor PTO powered, generator in my
>garage generates a pretty good flux field.  I long ago learned the hard
>way to have no data disks near it when it runs.

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